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    Find your perfect job in the Australian defence industry - fast , fair and free 


    Imagine if you only had to tell your skills story once and the people you needed to actually heard it. Our platform allows you to describe your skills and experience so they can be found efficiently, accurately, and without unconscious biases by employers in the Australian defence industry who are genuinely interested in matching you to roles.


    No more applying for jobs you weren't going to get, or wondering “did they even read my CV?”. If your skills match, you will be found!



    Stop writing CVs

    Tell your story completely and accurately, just once. Keep it updated as you grow your career, and you can be found when you want by any employer who needs your skills and experience.



    Let your skills do the talking

    If you've got the skills & experience you can be found in seconds and contacted within minutes.



    We level the playing field

    Our platform hides your identity unless you agree for us to share them. This allows you to be in control of how your skills & experience will be seen and allows employers to select candidates by skill and experience regardless of your gender, race, age, or however you choose to live your life.



    Yep, nada

    We get it! It takes a bit of effort to build your profile for the first time. If you make the effort then you've already paid. We'll do our bit by helping you find your next adventure for free.

  • Be found in 3 easy steps



    Click here and sign up to create your profile.


    Build your skills profile

    The platform will lead you through a 3-stage wizard:

    • Personal Details - Your identity and preferences. Don't forget to set your status to "Actively seeking work" or "Open to offers" otherwise your profile will remain hidden from employers.
    • Skills & Experience - This is where you encode your professional skills and experience. Find those that are relevant to you through either the hierarchical or keyword searches. Record your qualifications and years experience directly applying to each skill, and include a short word summary of your experience applying this skill. Hit save and you have just started building your professional DNA.
    • Attachments - Typically your CV, qualifications, certificates and anything else you think employers would like to see.

    Go fishing

    • If your jobseeking status is set to "Actively seeking work" your identity, contact details and CV will be made visible to all employers using our platform. They may reach out to you by email or phone to discuss opportunities that match your skills and experience.
    • If your jobseeking status is set to "Open to offers", your identity, contact details and CV (but not your skills and experience) will initially be hidden from employers. They will contact you via an email sent from within the platform, which will provide their contact details and an invitation for you to contact them to discuss the opportunity they describe. This setting provides additional privacy, but may result in missed opportunities due to reliance on initial email contact.
    • Once your profile has been established the skills and experiences you have documented will be findable by employers. They will reach out and start a conversation if they are looking for people with your skills and experience.
    • Log in regularly to keep building your profile with additional skills and checking for updates as we are adding new skills all the time.
    • Don't forget to change your status to if you are no-longer looking for work.