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    AUKUS Jobs makes the skills, experience and aspirations of jobseekers and students instantly findable for employment and other opportunities within the Australian defence industry.

  • For Jobseekers

    Find your perfect job in the Australian defence industry - fast and free


    Imagine if you only had to tell your skills story once and the people you needed to actually heard it. Our platform allows you to describe your skills and experience so they can be found efficiently, accurately, and without unconscious biases by employers in the Australian defence industry who are genuinely interested in matching you to roles. No more applying for jobs you weren't going to get, or wondering “did they even read my CV?”. If your skills match, you will be found!



    Stop writing CVs

    Tell your story completely and accurately, just once. Keep it updated as you grow your career, and you can be found when you want by any employer who needs your skills and experience.



    Let your skills do the talking

    If you've got the skills & experience you can be found in seconds and contacted in minute.



    We level the playing field

    Our platform hides your identity until you agree to accept an employer's contact request. Your skills & experience will be seen, regardless of your gender, race, age, or however you choose to live your life.



    Yep, nada

    We get it! It takes a bit of effort to build your profile for the first time. If you make the effort then you've already paid. We'll do our bit by helping you find your next adventure for free.

  • For Employers

    Find talent - faster, simpler and more accurately.

    Imagine if the first CV you read was the only one you needed to read. Our platform allows you to describe your “ideal candidate” as a weighted aggregate of any combination of over 500 defence related skills and experiences. Available candidates are dynamically filtered and ranked on the fly, so you only ever need to consider the best ranked candidates first. You can shortlist within minutes, interview within hours and put more energy into the bit humans should be doing - finding the right cultural fit.


    Find talent first


    Our platform allows you to filter and rank candidates within seconds, and build shortlists within minutes.


    Grab talent before it's gone, and get people on task and productive weeks faster than your competitors.



    Focus more on the human bits


    By mathematically codifying the skills and experience of jobseekers in a logical and consistent structure it is possible to accurately rank candidates against any combination of weighted criteria within seconds.


    With the time and effort we save you can invest more in the bits that humans should do - interviewing, testing, validation & cultural fit.



    We can't make it any easier


    Four simple steps:

    1. Login.
    2. Mix & match from over 500 skills & experiences to describe your ideal candidate.
    3. Review the highest ranked profiles first.
    4. Start conversations with the candidates you most like.
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    If faster, simpler and more accurate is your thing, then lock in a year's subscription at these low prices*.
    (*All prices are in Australian Dollars, excluding GST).

    Small SME

    (<10 staff/contractors)


    per month

    • Full access to entire jobseeker database
    • Up to 2 user accounts
    • Unlimited support
    • 30% discount for annual subscription

    Intermediate SME

    (11-50 staff/contractors)


    per month

    • Full access to entire candidate database
    • Up to 5 user accounts
    • Unlimited support
    • 30% discount for annual subscription

    Large SME

    (51-500 staff/contractors)


    per month

    • Full access to entire candidate database
    • Up to 10 user accounts
    • Unlimited support
    • 30% discount for annual subscription


    (500+ staff/contractors)

    & Recruiter







  • Our Partners

    Please support these organisations

    PM's Veteran's Employment Program

    The aim of the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program is to promote the benefits of hiring Australia’s highly skilled ex-service men and women.


    Servulink empowers veterans and their families to simply and quickly discover, navigate and access the services, support and communities they need to improve their lives

    Sayres Australia

    Sayres provides exceptional Acquisition, Engineering, Operations and Training Support Services to our customers, enabling effective delivery of best value solutions to Defence Forces and industry partners across the Asia Pacific region.

    Australian Defence Consultancy Group

    ADCG provide qualified Consultants to Defence organisations and the Defence Industry.


    XKG provides leading-edge solutions with a passionate client focus. We’re devoted to delivering outcomes that exceed customer expectations, no matter the size of the project


    Indigitise is an Indigenous professional services enterprise, registered with Supply Nation and based in the ACT. We have extensive experience in providing a range of services and skilled contractors to the Commonwealth Government.


    Omni provides customised solutions for our clients’ requirements, wherever they need us: on land, sea or in the air. Our team are trusted, proven and dedicated to delivering solutions in the most complex and demanding environments.

    Social Living Solutions

    Social Living Solutions works with individuals, schools and workplaces to remove prejudices and misconceptions around neurodiversity and replace ignorance with compassionate understanding.

    Jacobs Australia

    Jacobs has been a trusted partner to the Australian Department of Defence for more than 20 years. They are one of four major service providers to provide expertise in land, air, maritime, cyber, space, nuclear and digital domains.


    Austability is a visionary solution provider who deliver exceptional solutions and outcomes through its world-class doctrine, organisation, training, material, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities.

    Lawforce Alpha

    Lawforce Alpha is a veteran owned legal and commercial advisory service specialising in all aspects of defence related strategic planning, legal risk management, procurement, contract negotiation & management, partnering, intellectual property, and dispute resolution.


    Adaca services startups and scaleups eager to undertake a lean, agile approach to software development.
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